The Trust and its Governance:

Dr. Sri Jachani Rastriya Seva Peeta was registered on 19th September 1991. It is a secular apolitical charitable organization dedicated to the service of the poorest. It should be noted that the chief promoter of the trust, Dr. Sri Jachani was a very revered religious head of a math who in his life time had written 300 books on several topics .His successor, the present peethadipathi and the chief functionary of this trust Sri Veerabhadra Channamalla Maha Swamiji is in real sense a revolutionary, who belives that the poor and the down trodden are the living gods and service to them is the real worship. He has provided leadership to the most backward castes of the society in their struggle for their rights and privileges. It is he, who dreamt of this trust and registered it in the year 1991 when his predecessor was still alive. Through this trust, swamiji dreams of eradicating illiteracy in Bageppalli taluk, providing health care at the it steps of the needy, rehabilitation for the disabled, greening the whole taluk and provide access to safe drinking water to the poorest of the poor. He has no biases against any religion, caste and creed. He has achieved quite a bit with his own resources and feels that the future programmes are more important and realizes that he requires support from external agencies to accomplish the desire aims.

Administratively a trust board of 11 eminent and self-less people governs the trust.


SRI NIDUMAMIDI MAHASAMSTHANA MATH, Manavadharma Peeta,Guluru, Bagepalli Taluk, chikkaballapura District, Karnataka State dates its inception to one millennium, renowned as one of the oldest spiritual centres in south India. Our Peetha is reputed for its multifaced services to the society with no distinction of caste, creed, race, language, region or religion.

Dharmaguru Sri chandragunda Deshikendra Mahasannidhi of the 11th Century, is the founder of this peetha. His Holiness have served the royal and commoners alike and won reverence for spirituality and reputation for social activities. This sage has Jeeva Samadhi (Live Burial) at the precints of the Peetha in Guluru,Bagepalli Taluk. His Holiness Karibasavendra, the other famous sage, of this Math travelled all over South India and brought religious, cultural and social awareness among the masses. Sri. Kriyashakthi Devaraya Wodeyar in 14th Century and Sri Chandrabhooshanadeva wodeyar in 15th century have rendered many social reformations for the society ably serving the peetha.

Sri Veerabhadra channamalla Mahaswamigalu on taking over as 38th Peethadhipathi of the Sri Nidumamidi Mahasamsthanam Math, Manavadharma Peetha strived hard striding for the progress in the field of education and social sectors. At the time of investiture as Pethadhipathi of the Mahasamsthanam Sri Veerabhadra channamalla Mahaswigalu have renounced ostentatious insignia like throne, crown and other respectful significant titles specially meant for pontiffs and Peethadhipathis. His Holiness have discarded the age old epithet Jagadguru suffixed to the names of Peethadhipathis.