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The Peethadhipathi Sri veerabhadra channamalla Mahaswamigalu determined to be simple, humble and easily accessible to one and all. His teachings and lectures are of revolutionary in nature, poised for bringing radical changes in the society. In all their teachings, the Holiness have given clarion call for eradication of all social evils, afflicting the society, particularly untouchability, caste system and superstitious advocated widow marriage, rehabilitation of devadasis and maintenance of communal harmony, eschewing violence

            His Holiness is a supporting hand for simple marriages without dowry, supporter of temperance to save humanity from the evils of alchohol. His Holiness is relentless towards Drug abuse and working for the eradication of the same from the society. They are vocal on propogation of universal brotherhood and catholicity. After their assumption as Peethadhipathi, His Holiness, to show that all are equal before God, they have invited SC/ST people in to the sanctum santoria of the Peetha Temple along with other deveotees. The precints of Sri Nidumamidi Mahasamsthana Math has been named as “Manavadharma Peetha” in the year 1991 where admission is ensured to one and all, irrespective of caste. Creed, religion, region or language.

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The institution offers Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), which is a training programme for teachers. The duration of the course is Two year. The institution has excellent academic environment and good infrastructure facilities. It has a team of qualified and dedicated trainers. Both English and Kannada languages are used as mediums of instruction.

The institution has spacious, well-ventilated classrooms with necessary amenities. It has a good Library and the labs include science lab, education technology lab, psychology lab and computer lab.